Beefcake Action Alert: It's the Trailer for Never Back Down 2

The MMA sequel Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown has a new trailer, and it's got everything: Topless young men getting sweaty in the gym, winsome love interests who may or may not be strippers, at least one slo-mo jump-punch, and plenty of Michael Jai White, who co-stars as an aging MMA veteran-slash-mentor and makes his directorial debut. "Why exactly are you in this thing?" asks a comely young lady. "I need this," answers Beefy Never Back Down 2 Ingénue #4. Don't we know it.

The dramatic moments appear to come off about as well as you might expect in a movie cast primarily with professional grapplers (and one kid from the Twilight franchise, continuing the tradition begun by Cam Gigandet in the first film), but we can all probably agree that the target audience is more interested in the spinning leg kicks and face punching and ring drama than any actual character development. The film stars White, Twilight's Alex Meraz, Dean Geyer, UFC fighter Todd Duffee, MMA fighter Scott Epstein, UFC champion Lyoto Machida, and Jillian Murray.

That said, I kind of love the idea of Epstein's character, whose name is (what else?) Epstein and who takes up fighting because he gets hassled for being a comic book geek who works at a record store. Also: IMDb credits an actress for the role of "Lift Up Shirt Babe," so there's that. Who can resist? Never Back Down 2 (AKA Never Back Down 2 The Streets AKA Never Back Down 2: Electric Boogaloo) hits DVD shelves on June 10.

[via Twitch Film]