Monday Morning Talkback: Let's Hear About Bridesmaids

In the comedy world, girls are the new boys! At least that's what many will hope following the box office success of Bridesmaids. The Kristen Wiig-led film landed in a solid second place over the weekend, and seems like the only film anyone wants to talk about (besides The Tree of Life). So, let's talk!

Among the many items up for discussion:

· Was Bridesmaids as funny as advertised?

· Speaking of advertising: were you surprised the film that was sold ("The Hangover for girls!") was not the film you ended up seeing, in that Bridesmaids was more about friendship and growing up than girls going wild?

· Did you think Kristen Wiig was a credible female lead -- especially during the more dramatic moments of the film?

· Does the success of Bridesmaids break the glass ceiling for girl-fronted comedies?

· Which supporting cast member (Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Melissa McCarthy) were you hoping to see more of?

· Is Chris O'Dowd the most charming romcom boyfriend you've seen onscreen in a long time? (Let me answer that one: yes.)

And so on. Have at it in the comments section below!


  • GBP says:

    I saw Bridesmaids last night and loved it. I pretty much laughed throughout. Funnier than advertised, and maybe even less gross than advertised. I do kind of wonder how it was rated R. I was worried that the trailers poached the funniest parts of the movie but it was not so; there was plenty of hilarity to go around. I loved the Megan character, played by Melissa McCarthy, who I'd never heard of before this movie. She actually delivers an interesting spin on the "buck up" speech and brings much of the sexual raunch to the film. Chris O'Dowd was indeed charming... Would it be too much to ask Universal for a sequel?

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    1. No, I thought it would be more ensemble from the posters.
    2. Exactly, they didn't even make it to Vegas!
    3. Sure although maybe a role she didn't also write might be a good idea.
    4. Of course not, Movieline, please.
    5. Wendy McLovin-Covey
    6. pretty cute, but for some reason I thought Rose Bryne would be paired with Jon Hamm, guess i'll have to hope for a mad men x-men (or damages) crossover!

  • yatesps1 says:

    I wasn't blown away. It was good, but Wiig simply can't carry a film. She is great in a supporting role, and should leave it at that.
    Further, it was SNL all over again. Some of the bits that were funny, drug on forever. The MOH toast was funny, but it went on three or 4 switches too long. And the Rose Byrne character never got her comeupance. She was a sociopath throughout the film, and her actions were never acknowledged.
    I am sorry, but actions like hers require public shaming, not a half arsed appology that was mostly self serving.

  • Johnboy says: