Have We Seen Tintin's Poster Somewhere Before? (Hint: Yes)

The first poster for the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson superproject The Adventures of Tinitin is making the rounds today, which can mean only one thing for movie buffs: It's time to play spot the influence! And... what? We have a winner already?

Not long after the Tintin one-sheet took off around the Web, Movieline contributor Mike Ryan tweeted its likeness to that of North, Rob Reiner's viciously received 1994 dramedy. Compared side-by-side, well... yeah. In fairness to the Tintin filmmakers and marketers, there's some motion-capture character mystery they need to preserve ahead of the first film's release this December. And they did add some transportation elements to complement all that walking the young protagonist is doing. So there's that. Still -- uncanny, no?

[via @mikeryan]



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