Friday Box Office: Thor Takes The Crown Again; Bridesmaids Settle Into Second Place

It was another happy Friday in the halls as Asgard (especially for Frigg) as Thor stayed at number one with a (relatively) slim decline from its blockbuster first weekend. The fartin' ladies of Bridesmaids notched a strong debut at second place while the vamps of Priest could only scare up a fourth place start. Your Friday box office is here.

1. THOR: $9,200,000 ($93,900,000)

2. BRIDESMAIDS: $7,800,000 (new)

3. FAST FIVE: $5,900,000 ($155,100,000)

4. PRIEST: $5,500,000 (new)

5. SOMETHING BORROWED: $2,300,000 ($20,900,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]