Movieline's Week in Review: Bad Romance

Husbands, wives... Parents, kids... As we saw this week at Movieline, no one was safe from relationship issues. At least we have each other, right, Dear Reader? Uh, right? OK, whew. Anyway, our Week in Review feature has everything you need to know wrapped in one convenient spot. Just maybe don't read it all at once, and either way drop back by this weekend for more Cannes Film Festival coverage and the soothing editorial strains of Dixon Gaines. Have a great one!

· Cannes 2011 is underway! Check out all the ongoing proceedings here.

· Movie marketing got honest, and then it it just got creepy.

· Many thanks to this week's illustrious interviewees, including Rose Byrne, Dax Shepard, Naomie Harris, Paul Feig, stunt icon Vic Armstrong, and Verge designee Carmen Marron.

· Funny ladies! More funny ladies!

· Not-so-funny ladies!

· Aww.

· The person you think has everything does not have these. Guaranteed.

· #JaimieForLara.