Watch Alec Baldwin Punch John Krasinski in the Face Over Baseball

Let's hope Alec Baldwin's ultimate decision about co-starring in Rock of Ages doesn't come down to the baseball rooting interests of his fellow cast members. In this latest clip from New Era's ingenious 2011 ad campaign, the dyed-in-the-wool Yankees fan reacts a bit violently to his team's initial poor play against the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately for Sox fan John Krasinski, that means a right hook to the jaw. Click ahead to watch.

This is just perfection.

[via SplitSider]


  • G says:

    Someone did put them in a movie together: "It's Complicated." No need to say more.

  • chloeaustin says:

    I've loved this campaign, even though it plays endlessly on the MLB network. Baldwin's really crafted an ingenious comeback, several years after all that gossip about him and his children and ex-wife.

  • Bill says:

    Classic! Why are Yankee fans so angry? They should feel sorry for Red Sox fans, yet instead, they hate them. How can you hate the underdog?
    BTW, nice right cross.