Steven Soderbergh Taps Alex Pettyfer for Channing Tatum Stripper Movie

AlexPettyferSoderbergh300.jpgA few weeks ago, Steven Soderbergh postponed his early retirement to take on a juicy project brought to him by Channing Tatum. Based on Tatum's real-life experiences, the project -- titled Magic Mike -- would center on a friendship set in the world of male strippers. And just moments ago, in a casting coup for crotch tattoo-ed actors everywhere, Deadline announced that Alex Pettyfer has signed onto the project.

But the I Am Number Four star will not just be joining Magic Mike as any old crotch-inked stripper hustling onstage for giddy bridal parties; he will play a "young Tatum" while the real Tatum plays his older mentor. Reid Carolin (Earth Made of Glass) is currently writing the script, which Soderbergh has called "sexy, funny and shocking" -- and in the same vein as Saturday Night Fever. Thoughts?

· Alex Pettyfer To Co-Star With Channing Tatum In Steven Soderbergh's Male Stripper Pic [Deadline]


  • Jamie Noir says:

    My only thought is that I don't particularly want to see any of these people naked. Can't they cast Thor in it instead, he could even keep the name. or at least Joel Edgerton since he's in everything else at the moment and I swouldn't object to seeing him in a thong.