Pam Grier and Brigitte Nielsen Join Sasha Grey in Skinny Dip

sasha-grey-120.jpg"They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge." Well, of course. That's the tagline for grindhouse throwback Skinny Dip, which has added Pam Grier, Brigitte Nielsen and Michael Madsen to its cast. They join the previously hired Sasha Grey and Danny Trejo, making Skinny Dip the most obvious-but-awesome bit of genre pandering since The Expendables. [THR/Heat Vision]


  • ILDC says:

    Hopefully it won't be as lazy.

  • Sarah says:

    Michael Madsen = I'm there

  • my biggest shock is that Pam Grier, Brigitte Nielsen and Michael Madsen are all still alive? I have heard that Pam can act and we all love Michael's schlock baddie roles but I thought they were going to mothball brigitte until they made Beverly hills cop four or more? This is bound to be spellbinding!

  • j'accuse! says:

    I'm kind of done with Steven Soderbergh's favorite "non-prostitute". Wasn't playing the Yoko in Entourage enough for her?