Mysterious Happenings Abound in New Super 8 TV Spot

Spoiler Alert: Someone's been ripping out car batteries at the local dealership! And everyone's pet dogs are missing! What in heaven's name is going on, Small Town Sheriff Kyle Chandler? Piece together the latest action-packed snippets of J.J. Abrams' summer nostalgia project Super 8 in the new TV spot after the jump!

So very mysterious! So very maybe-sorta-not really revealing! The levitating vintage car is a nice touch. Let's hope Super 8 truly is worthy of young Ryan Lee's precocious "Oh, my GOD!" when it hits theaters June 10.

More on Super 8, this summer's film sentimentalist movie of choice, here.


  • TAL says:

    Kyle Chandler is like a sexier less smug Robert Redford. He'll save the world, start a film festival and give us all heart tugging pep talks.

  • The Winchester says:

    Four eyes, full heart.... can't lose

  • Dimo says:

    The "Oh my God!" kid at the end deserves an Oscar....Well would look at that, you think so too Jen.

  • David Davies says:

    The 'Oh My God' kid looks as though he could eat an apple through a tennis racquet.