Mama Gyllenhaal to Help Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen Lose Their Virginities in Very Good Girls

dakotafanningelizabetholsen300.jpgMore news out of the bustling Cannes marketplace: Naomi Foner, producer, screenwriter and mother to Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, will direct Very Good Girls from her own script. What's more, she's got acclaimed up-and-comers Dakota Fanning and Sundance It girl Elizabeth Olsen attached as her leads, playing two friends trying to lose their V-cards during a summer in New York City. But who will play the "charismatic street artist" both gals fall for?

Deadline reports that Dustin Hoffman, Sissy Spacek, and Peter Sarsgaard are also set to co-star in the film, so my money's on Sarsgaard to play the rascally dude wooing both BFFs. I mean, playing semi skeevy, maybe untrustworthy older guy? Totally his thing.

Although she's written and produced numerous films, Foner will be making her directorial debut with Very Good Girls; previous films of hers include Running on Empty, Losing Isaiah, and Bee Season.

Cannes: Ealing Metro/Prescience To Finance 'Very Good Girls' With Dakota Fanning And Elizabeth Olsen [Deadline]


  • ryan says:

    dakota is so pretty:)

  • ILDC says:

    Is she 20 now?

  • Paul says:

    should Dakota Fanning be called an up-an-comer? she seems pretty much like an acting institution.

  • Daria Black says:

    Dakota is starting to look like Drew Barrymore a little bit. They've got that same face shape and big eyes.
    And agreed that Dakota has become well known on her own since she was a child actress.

  • Steven says:

    I don't know about Elizabeth Olson, but I'd hardly call Dakota Fanning "up and coming". It's more like "down and going". And it has been since she was pandered off in a landmark child porn movie ("Hounddog") when she was still only12. Her desperation partnering with Kristen Stewart got her a few virtual cameo scenes in the "Twilight" movies- her only major film credits since "Charlotte's Web"- and a second porn feature along with it; "The Runaways". This summer, she'll be featured in what promises to be another porno called "Motel Life", where she plays a prostitute. I guess that had to happen! Her entire career since 2006 has become a sad epitomization of how a once endearing and promising child star can be taken over to the dark side and degraded without pity.

  • Cherie100 says:

    @steven mark piling...your comments are so true! There's nothing glamorous about losing your virginity especially as some sort of game with someone you don't really love and care about! It is no game, but Hollywood continues to crank out movies that glamorize such reckless actions and makes it "cool" . There are so many young women who have regretted their decision to lose their virginity. Parents, think twice about who your sons and daughters look up to! Obviously, Dakotas Mother doesn't think twice about who is daughter is influencing....just thinking about banking all the money she's making!

  • danni says:

    dakota is a prince

  • danni says:

    dakota is a prince