Watch James McAvoy Sass and Jennifer Lawrence Shapeshift in New Clip From X-Men: First Class

With less than a month until the June 3 release of Matthew Vaughn's swinging '60s X-Men prequel First Class, Marvel Studios has released the film's first clip. So fanboys and girls, buckle up and click through to see Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) perform a mutant-y magic trick for CIA personnel, including Rose Byrne and Oliver Platt. Take that, Harry Houdini.

X-Men: First Class arrives in theaters on June 3.


  • The Winchester says:

    With all these clips and trailers and international trailers and character trailers, is there anything left of this movie to see besides the credits?

  • Tommy Marx says:

    I am torn. Part of me wants this to be incredible, but it just really looks so bad. How exactly does Stryker appear in the '60s and then 2006 or whenever the second X-Men movie was released and look only a couple of years younger than X2? For that matter, Mystique only ages a few years? How does a shapeshifter age, anyway? And wasn't Xavier in the closet? Now we find out he's black and proud - oops, I mean a mutant and proud - in 1963? WTF?
    And one last thing: if every kid that's in the choir is so incredibly unpopular, then why are they the ONLY ones that are candidates for the Junior Prom king and queen? OK, that has nothing to do with this really bad clip, but I still would love an answer.
    Thank you for your time.