10 Horrifying Images That Come to Mind When Looking at Green Lantern's Hector Hammond Poster

Alert: Peter Sarsgaard's visage on the new poster forThe Green Lantern is nothing short of hair-raising, or worse, hair-curling. As the dastardly Hector Hammond, Sarsgaard sports a wavy mane, deathly glare, and the kind of outstretched fingers that start the grimmest tickle fights of all. What terrifying images does the poster bring to mind for you? Here's our list of horrors.


1. Most unmasked Scooby Doo villains (prospectors excluded).

2. The hairline of a million unemployed uncles named Marty.

3. The most disturbing portrait of Vincent Price in history.

4. The baggy outerwear of Color Me Badd.

5. Gary Oldman's inner (and outer) sorcerer.

6. NASCAR fanatics.

7. Project Runway season two's second runner-up Santino Rice.

8. The inimitable grip of bowling great Parker Bohn III.

9. Bristol Palin's sharp new jaw.

10. 100% of white male Maury guests.

Contribute your demonic images below! Green Lantern arrives in theaters on June 17.

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