Who Scored Big in Week 20 of SNL's Relevancy Poll?

With Tina Fey not just hosting, but also bringing along her old friends Maya Rudolph and Darrell Hammond, airtime was a pretty tight commodity for this past weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live. Surprisingly, even with the added warm bodies, no one in the cast was shut out completely (though a couple were close). Even Abby Elliott -- whom nobody would accuse of having a particularly good season -- had a nice night. But nobody could have expected this week's Relevancy Poll winner...

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg1. Michael Bolton (Honorary) I never thought I would say, think or write this sentence in my life, but, here goes: Michael Bolton really won me over on Saturday night. With that! Enjoy your honorary spot at number one, Michael.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg1. Seth Meyers (Last Week: 7) Meyers is the trickiest part of this poll from week to week because, by default, as host of "Update," he's going to get airtime. But, on the other hand, he rarely appears in sketches -- so that time on "Update" better be good. Perhaps there's a little bit of leftover goodwill with this ranking stemming from his White House Correspondents Dinner performance, but Meyers was fantastic on Saturday -- a true master of ceremonies who interacted and made each and every "Update" segment better.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg2. Bill Hader (Last Week: 4) Stefon. If Hader does Stefon, he's going to be near the top of this list. I wouldn't be surprised if "Update" is soon retitled, "Weekend Update with Seth Meyers and Stefon."

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg3. Andy Samberg (Last Week: 6) Samberg and The Lonely Island scored with what won't be an "I'm on a Boat" type singable ditty, but the thought of Michael Bolton dressed as Erin Brockovich may just last a lifetime.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg4. Jason Sudeikis (Last Week: 3) Sudeikis was strong again with his role as the Devil, coupled with numerous supporting roles. Though, that's the strange thing about Sudeikis at this point: He either stars in a sketch pretty much all by himself, or he's playing a background supporting role or host of some sort. The last time I can remember him in a true give-and-take situation was when Will Forte showed up for "Twinkle and Stink."

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg5. Abby Elliott (Last Week: 13) I counted Elliott in four sketches and, most importantly, she starred in one of the better sketches of the evening, "Pregnant in Heels." It's too late for this to go down as a good season for Elliott, but it's probably in her best interest to at least finish strong.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg6. Fred Armisen (Last Week: 2) Here's what's frustrating: This would have actually been a good week to have an Obama sketch. Instead, he played Bin Laden in the cold open with his words being translated. Oh well. Armisen's higlights came as as one half of "Qaddafi's friends since high school" and as an underwater 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg7. Paul Brittain (Last Week: 11)

In recent weeks, Brittain had been relegated to what seemed to be nothing more than "stand in the background" status. Maybe he was even thrown a line here and there. Nice to see him pick up the "Well, that's just odd" mantle that Forte left behind. Run with it, Paul! Run!

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg8. Kristen Wiig (Last Week: 8)

Wiig announced last week that Gilly and Penelope were never going to return to SNL. For this alone, Wiig should win the week. Otherwise Wiig was OK at best -- understandable, perhaps, when you consider that her pride and joy, Bridesmaids, opens this weekend. She probably has a few other things on her mind.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg9. Nasim Pedrad (Last Week: 1) Pedrad brought Bedelia back to ho hum results. Still, good to see her getting a lead role in a recurring sketch.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg10. Kenan Thompson (Last Week: 10)

I think it's about time for another "What's Up With That?" December was a long time ago.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg11. Vanessa Bayer (Last Week: 12) Like Armisen, Bayer killed in her "Update" segment. Other than that, not much going on outside of some background roles.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg12. Jay Pharoah (Last Week: 14) Honestly, at one point, I went back to the opening credits on my DVR just to make sure that Pharoah had not left the show during the month off between episodes. You can imagine my relief to see him show up for in "Pregnant in Heels." He was doing an impression, of course, but by this point let's resign ourselves to the fact that that's just what he does, and that's just the way it's going to be.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg13. Bobby Moynihan (Last Week: 9) A few bit parts here and there -- most notably as Newt Gingrich who leaves the GOP debate early. So Moynihan was still around, but a fairly quiet evening.

snl_poll_taran_killam.jpg14. Taran Killam (Last Week: 5) Funny, the very show after I boldly declare that Killam has integrated himself into the cast, he goes pretty much MIA for most of this episode.

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  • Scraps says:

    Love the Devil!

  • Lorie says:

    Abby Elliott was perfect as Rosie Pope.

  • Nerd says:

    Come on, that Digital Short was not very funny! Get past the "OMG it's Michael Bolton making fun of himself" aspect and there isn't much there to laugh at.
    I feel like Pedrad's Bedelia is a brilliant character that has never quite reached it's potential. Killam should be switched with Pharoah. Killam ended the Bedelia sketch with a few good lines. Pharoah literally said 5 words that were not funny. Im guessing Jay has 2-3 more episodes until he is officially an ex-SNL cast member.
    As for Brittain, his Hallmark Mother's Day sketch was so effing weird I loved it. One could make the argument that Sex Ed Vincent and Mother's Day alone solidify his place as the rookie of the year. They are certainly two of the more memorable sketches of the season for me.

  • Mike Ryan says:

    Yes it it funny! So there!
    But, yes, couldn't agree more about Sex Ed Vincent. Not sure why that hasn't become a recurring character.

  • Fabe says:

    Love Abby Elliott and glad to see her near the top of the poll! I would agree that it hasn't been a particularly good season for her, but I wouldn't say it was bad either. It was somewhere in the middle. I hope to see her do wonderfully next season. I would, however, say that Jay Pharoah and Paul Brittain had bad first seasons. I would be shocked if Pharoah came back for next season.

  • Kristen says:

    Mike, you mean to tell me Michael Bolton didn't win you over when he released his Sinatra album?

  • Claire says:

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