Which Say Anything Scene Did John Cusack Improvise?

sayanything-300.jpgWhile speaking with Interview recently about his new documentary The Union, Cameron Crowe looked back on his first directing experience ever on Say Anything. In between recounting the advice that his then 23-year-old-star gave him and his lost Diane Court novella, Crowe revealed which scene from the '80s classic came to exist when John Cusack forgot his lines. Can you guess which scene? Hint: It did not involve a boombox.

Asked by Interview whether there was a lot of improv on the Say Anything set, Crowe responded negatively.

"No, there'd be stuff like a scene where he sits at the dinner table and Diane's father asks him what he wants to do with his life. John came in that day and said, 'I want this to be about Reagan.' He had about 8 pages of stuff he had written, like 'I have a father who's in the military, so I don't want to be processed and go down the assembly line,' so I said, 'That's great. Put that in.' So we did the scene and because he had just written it that morning, he forgot the order of 'I don't want to sell, buy or be processed.' So he's kind of working it out as I'm shooting it. I said, 'That's it.'"

Here is the finished product.

· Cameron Crowe [Interview]


  • OhHoneyHoney says:

    When ..at the moment i saw that scene i knew it.. He forgot his lines!..Why i was alone at the movies that day 21 years ago..i could bet for something..a dinner.. money..i don't know..go free to see a movie..i know i could win that bet..But who would believe me.. He is John Cusack.
    i used to improve everytime i was forgeting ..all..in front of my mom when she used toreview me my science classes front of her that's how i knew ..he was improvin' that afertnoon. Somebody owe me something..Why i not even bet that to my mom..i want it to go alone to see that.movie.Just imagine telling to my mom ..See? see?.. He improves too.. and it works.

  • Martini Shark says:

    Conversely, you can have fun trying to figure out which scenes were actually scripted in "Hot Tub Time Machine".