Watch the Quirky Trailer for The Future From Miranda July

july-thefuture300.jpgWhat does 30-something hipster ennui look like in 2011? Allow actress-writer-director Miranda July to give you a peek. "So, the Internet's going to be turned off in the next hour," Sophie (July) tells her boyfriend in the new trailer for The Future. "So the second you get in the door, you'll want to look up anything you need to look up." Where to even begin?

How about with the plot: Sophie and Jason (Hamish Linklater) are a bored couple who decide to live their lives to the fullest in the thirty days before the stray cat they took in comes home from the veterinarian. That leads to the aforementioned web blackout, some "I'm 35 and my friends are pregnant" panicking, and at least one bout of infidelity. All while being narrated by Paw Paw, the stray cat.

Written, directed and starring July (she also voices Paw Paw), The Future drew rave reviews at Sundance -- particularly for the darker second half of the film, which is glimpsed in the back-end of the trailer -- and will hit theaters this July. Fitting, that release date.

Watch the trailer below; head over to Apple for glistening HD.