The 25 Most Obscure Comedies You Can Watch For Free on YouTube

Big news out of YouTube HQ today as the video giant announced it will add 3,000 new mainstream, feature-length titles for rent on its movie site. Taken largely from the libraries of Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. and costing around $2.99 each, the films' availability signifies the latest milestone in Hollywood's caution experimentation with Internet exhibition. Which is great, but I'm sorry: It's the movies Hollywood has to give away that are dazzling me right now. Especially the comedies.

You could lose yourself for hours in YTMovies' comedy section, which looks and feels not too dissimilar to browsing the godforsaken comedy racks at Blockbuster circa 2002. There are more Danny Masterson movies today, I guess. Anyway, what do you say we form a viewing club for these 25 WTF titles in particular and regroup weekly for discussions (though I can tell you in advance I'm going to be out sick the week we watch Phat Beach)?

25. The Pinocchio Effect

24. National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call

23. Sorority Girls' Revenge

22. 30 Days Until I'm Famous

21. The Spirit of Comedy

20. Hittin' It

19. Gettin' It

18. My Five Wives

17. My X-Girlfriends Wedding Reception

16. Phat Beach

15. Does This Mean We're Married

14. Scrambled Beer

13. Flying Saucer Rock n Roll

12. Sharp as Marbles

11. Geek Mythology

10. The Watermelon Heist

9. Trader Hornee

8. I Got Five on It

7. My Teacher's Wife

6. Howie Mandel: The First HBO Special

5. Fast Sofa

4. Puff, Puff, Pass

3. So, You've Downloaded a Demon

2. Which Way, Por Favor?

1. Laugh Til it Hurtz


  • Troofire says:

    How about the worst one of all, Senior Week?

  • Jen Yamato says:

    I'm going to watch these in this order. Can't wait for the 1-2 punch of Hittin' It & Gettin' It!

  • MA says:

    Phat Beach, yo!
    Check out the creds on that mofo!
    Probably deserves a re-release with the tag, "From the creators of Entourage and Black Swan."

  • Tod Gruhaf says:

    You guys - the first 50 seconds of 'Laugh Til It Hurtz' is pretty amazing. Funnier than all of Hall Pass. And likely better than any of the stand up that comes after it...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Finally, nudity has returned to youtube! I have been lost without it...

  • Seriously, a double feature is in order.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Only if we slip roofies in our Jager so we can be forgettin' it.