Revealed: Justin Timberlake's Little-Seen Short Film Jerry

This is kind of a fun treat to start the week: Justin Timberlake starred in a short comedy that has been hiding in the YouTube wilds for the last year and a half. The film, Jerry, features JT as a cad with an uncannily smooth way with words. What's his secret?

That's what his put-upon fling (Nora Zehetner) is about to find out in writer-director John Killoran's short, which was adapted from Killoran's feature script (and 2008 Black List selectee) Greetings From Jerry. The 10-minute effort has rested idly online since November 2009, since which time its makers sought to get the full-length feature made with Timberlake attached. Considering the ongoing run Timberlake is on at the movies, that could mean either restored momentum for the project in 2011 -- or running smack into the brick wall that is Timberlake's ever-increasing work schedule. We'll see!

Did I mention it's NSFW?

UPDATE: Annnd just like that, the folks who thought this would be worthwhile viewing for you determined they didn't have the legal right to disseminate it. Hollywood! If/when it reappears, we'll have it back here.