New Photos Show The First Look At The Avengers Set

The question from yesterday still stands did we talk about before superhero movie speculation? Today we've got secret photos taken from the New Mexico set of The Avengers, and fortunately they're a little more interesting than a grainy puddle of green. It looks like Avenger business is also taking them to India (I suppose?), but zoom as I might, I don't see any Easter egg inside references for fans (No van Dyne fashion outlets? No Greer Nelson animal safaris? For shame!) Click to enlarge and see if you can puzzle out why the Avengers might be in India. [Super Hero Hype]




  • Ltdumbear says:

    At first I thought "there's a hole blown through the wall"...but then I looked neither Thor or the 'Hulk' did'nt go off on a rampage; I see a white Chevy Suburban, and everyone knows 'Black-Ops' Gov types drive BLACK the guy from 'Sheild' is'nt there. I guess the only thing remaining (cuz I don't have a CLUE who else (other than Samuel L. Jackson who RUNS the 'Avenger' crew ? ? ?) is involved) is that perhaps Tony Stark has a 'secret' lab set upstairs in that low-rent district, to avoid paying U.S. taxes? But what that'd mean for the overal plot, I have'nt any inkling of an idea, unless this movie is about all these super-heroe's coming together to defeat the '9th Imam' ? ? ? ? ?