Today In Sketchy Dark Knight Rises Rumors: Is This The First Look At The Lazarus Pits?

I honestly have trouble remembering what we wrote about before comic book movie rumors took over our lives--was it Proust? Maybe a thoughtful analysis of the Free Soil Party in the mid-nineteenth century? At any rate, I've got your latest piping hot rumor, this time for the just-started-filming Dark Knight Rises. Is this a Lazarus Pit I see before me?

For the uninitiated who don't know their Jason Todd from their Tim Drake, the Lazarus Pit is the magical pool of supernatural gunk that can heal and resurrect all who take a dip in its liquid mojo. It's most often used by Ra's al-Ghul, who has used various and sundry Pits to prolong his lifespan.

And a sharp-eyed train traveler has snapped a picture of a green-screened pool outside Jodhpur, India where Knight has just begun filming. Since we know that Josh Pence was recently cast as a young Ra's al-Ghul, odds are this is indeed a Lazarus Pit. And if they're going in for the magic of resurrection, does this mean a return of Liam Neeson as a grown-ass al-Ghul? And does this mean that Marion Cotillard's character of "Miranda Tate" is just a pseudonym for Talia al-Ghul, Ra's daughter?

dark knight_lazarus pit2_630.jpg

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