Michael Fassbender In Talks To Join Danny Boyle's Trance

Hungry actors on the cusp of stardom take note: if you really want to become the next big thing, consider delivering wordy monologues in German. After starring in X-Men: First Class and Ridley Scott's non-Alien Alien movie Prometheus, Michael Fassbender is now reportedly in talks to join Danny Boyle's new art heist movie, Trance.

Fassbender would play the leader of a gang that boosts a valuable painting from an auction house. But their man on the inside of the auction house gets knocked on the head, develops amnesia (as you do) and can no longer remember where the loot is stashed. Now the gang must stay one step ahead of the cops as they bring in a hypnotist to discover where the art is hidden.

Because Danny Boyle has committed to directing the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, filming for Trance (or Trances, as the Hollywood Reporter has it) will be a bit segmented: the movie will film this September and then take a big 'ol break come January 2012 with Boyle returning to edit and finish it up in August with an eye towards a spring 2013 release. So, see everyone back here in this space in about two years!

·Michael Fassbender in Talks for Danny Boyle's TRANCEl [Collider]


  • adam says:

    Who the frack is Danny McBoyle?

  • Dixon Gaines says:

    It's the new taste sensation from McDonalds--it keeps the hot side hot and the Irish side Irish!

  • Jen K says:

    Or you could try playing the hottest Rochester ever. Legions of ladies (and a few boys) will be faithful if you do a good job in breeches. Between McAvoy and Fassbender, there is going to be a suprising number of women attending X-Men: First Class this summer. Wishing to be between McAvoy and Fassbender.