Brendan Fraser Has William Tell In His Sights

brendan fraser_150.jpgWell, you learn something new everyday. Everyone knows about William Tell shooting an apple off his son's head, but unbeknownst to many Americans (read: me) is that he was also something of a continental Braveheart, fomenting a revolution against the Austrian empire and leading to the creation of Switzerland. And now Brendan Fraser is going to play him! Way to go, William! You're not a real historical figure until there's a big budget American movie about you. Anna Paquin is in talks to co-star in the family action film that will be (of course) released in 3D. However, whenever I think of William Tell, I immediately flash to this Far Side cartoon. [Coming Soon]


  • Whatsabagel says:

    Anna Paquin may be in need of a quality control career intervention; Why all the schlocky roles of late? We know she's got chops (Oscar-winning role for the Piano, solid supporting roles in the 00 decade, and Kenneth Lonergan's maybe never-released Margaret - in which she plays the title role) - is this a money grab of an available film shooting during the True Blood break?
    Maybe I'll be eating my words in a year and William Tell will be a classy family hit that will qualify it as Swiss Family Robinson for a new generation, but with the exception of Rachel Weisz it doesn't seem that being Brendan Fraser's female co-star is a step-up on the road to future big-budget or prestige projects.