VIDEO: This Mother's Day, Treat the Family to I'm Not Jesus Mommy

It's Mother's Day weekend, which means flowers, cards, phone calls and/or various other gestures of appreciation for everything the moms and grandmothers in our lives do for us. And if you're feeling really adventurous this year -- and you happen to live in or near Minneapolis, I guess -- there's just the solution for the mother who has everything.

There's an actual movie opening on three screens this weekend called I'm Not Jesus Mommy, a horror thriller about a woman whose desperation for a child leads to a cloning experiment gone awry. Add a few dashes of religious fanaticism in there, and you're in for a holiday treat that is like a bouquet, a mani-pedi and a nice dinner all rolled into one big, bloody ball of filial gratitude.

Or something. The film, which carries the alternate title Man Made, caused a minor stir this week in Minnesota when Comcast refused to air TV spots after complaints by Turner, whose networks Comcast carries in the Minneapolis area. Plenty of free publicity ensued, but nothing quite gets the message across like the vaguely NSFW trailer available at the film's YouTube channel. Take a look, and pass along to the mothers close to you as you will.


  • The Winchester says:

    I like how the end title seems like it was hand written at the very last second, whereas the other titles were so badass, they used that great sci-fi upside down "V"s for "A"s font.

  • Old Man says:

    Saw the movie last night and it was great. A lot of deap, thought provoking topics. Dances at the edge of reality!