Talkback: What Screen Moms Would You Send Flowers To This Mother's Day?

Here's a Movieline Public Service Announcement: Sunday is Mother's Day! That means if you're reading this and haven't sent your mother a card or flowers (or preferably both), you're in a little bit of trouble. Thankfully, a rushed call to 1-800-Flowers won't be necessary to honor your favorite movie moms -- you can simply click through to offer any of them a digital bouquet to mark the holiday.

Some choices to get you started:

· Helen Parr (voiced by Holly Hunter) in The Incredibles, a mom understanding enough to help her awkward teen daughter break out of her shyness shell, but also able to defeat supervillains.

· Rosemary Penderghast (Patricia Clarkson) in Easy A, the wise and wise-cracking mother who knows just when to tell her young daughter about her sexual escapades in high school.

· Bren MacGuff (Allison Janney) in Juno, the evil stepmother who isn't actually evil and winds up being a total rock for her pregnant teen stepdaughter.

· Mrs. Gump (Sally Field) in Forrest Gump, the type of mother who is totally cheesy, but still makes you feel all warm inside.

Who is your favorite movie mom? Let everyone know in the comments section below. (And make sure you get something nice for your actual mom.)


  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    Dee Wallace Stone's mothers in _ET_ and _Cujo_ were pretty rad.

  • Ruth Kanost says:

    We, the psychologists in the office, vote for Marge Simpson (duh!), Toula's mother from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Clare from LOST, Leanne Tuohy from The Blind Side, Benjamin Button's mother, Moses' mother from the Ten Commandments (and the Bible), Temple Grandin's mother, Esme Cullen, and Adelle Stackhouse.

  • CiscoMan says:

    Ripley in Aliens. She knew how to talk to the mothers with the trouble children.

  • The Winchester says:

    Mrs. Bates.

  • Chris Kelso says:

    Stiffler's mom.