Catherine Hardwicke to Helm Anti-Chick Lit Adaptation The Bitch Posse

bitchposse.jpgFollowing the disappointing fantasy dud Red Riding Hood, Catherine Hardwicke will direct an adaptation that's perhaps more in her wheelhouse: the angsty female friendship drama The Bitch Posse. Martha O'Conner's 2006 novel follows three damaged heroines from their senior year of high school into their 30s, divided by a terrible secret that tears them apart. Sex, drugs, cutting -- what three young actresses could take on this material? Get to fantasy casting, Movieliners!

Rennie: The smart one who sleeps with her teacher and becomes a failed novelist.

Amy: The goody-goody with alcoholic parents who winds up stuck in a loveless marriage.

Cherry: The one who loses it and winds up in a mental hospital after a fateful, life-changing event all three friends share.

Glamour UK compared the book to Heathers, and the novel itself comes with a label warning: "You Have Now Entered a Chick-Lit-Free Zone." Thank. Goodness. Here's hoping Hardwicke takes the opportunity to tap into the raw teen emotions of Thirteen and delivers all the torment, self-destruction, and no-holds barred grittiness this project promises.

· 'Twilight' Helmer Catherine Hardwicke Takes On 'The Bitch Posse' [Deadline]


  • Brian says:

    You're posting about something that doesn't involve Hunger Games or the skin pigmentation of actors? I'm stunned.