Goodbye, Hilary Duff: 5 Better Choices to Play Bonnie Parker

When it comes to writer-director Tonya Holly's The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, Hilary Duff is, ahem, so yesterday. According to TMZ, she's been booted from the project, though Gossip Girl star Kevin Zegers will still play Clyde Barrow. This leaves one question: Who is right to replace Duff and fill the role once mastered by Faye Dunaway? Let's rob an idea bank and figure it out.

(The movie's official Facebook page now says that Hilary Duff is still playing Bonnie Parker. Still, these five ladies are fun to think about.)

page-200.jpg1. Aimee Teegarden

You hate to see a Friday Night Lights veteran move on to less demanding teen fare like Prom, right? Particularly if she seems nice, fun, and entrepreneurial? Aimee Teegarden is an actress who should be in search of a challenge -- not an abrupt Scream 4 cameo -- and I'd rather see her posing with a machine gun than with a homecoming crown.

page-200.jpg2. Michelle Trachtenberg

Yes, dipping within the Gossip Girl coterie again might be overkill, but there's no doubt that Trachtenberg's characters tend to be equal parts naive and dangerous. Hitchcock would approve! Funny enough, she once called Hilary Duff a "whore" in character on Gossip Girl. (Sadly, that video has been wiped clean from the Internet.)

page-200.jpg3. Brie Larson

The wisecracking sister on Showtime's United States of Tara would be just right as a youthful, stern southerner with a deep love of money bags. The smirking beaut also proved her action chops in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and I applaud a world where Scott Pilgrim alums are rewarded for their merits.

page-200.jpg4. Jennifer Lawrence

Pardon the obviousness here, but Jennifer Lawrence's stunning looks and expertise with gruff, serrated dialogue make her a shoo-in. Amid thievery and peril, her powerful, unflinching stare could be deeply unsettling. I don't care if she's busy gaming hunger as Katniss Everdeen; I want to see her in this outfit.

page-200.jpg5. Ellen Page

Yes, I already assigned her to join a Woody Allen movie, but hey! That worked! I say we go double-or-nothing on Ellen Page's chances to win the role of Bonnie Parker, since she possesses many of Faye Dunaway's best qualities, like conversational ease, command, and a barely concealed ferocity. The only problem? She seems smart enough to get away with anything.

UPDATE: According to the film's official Facebook page, Hilary Duff is still slated to play Bonnie Parker.

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  • JimH says:

    Fun fact - Ellen page and Kevin Zegers had chemistry together as star crossed lovers in the Ellen Burstyn movie, "The Stone Angel".

  • orlando says:

    Isn't it weird that since Duff said that awful comment about Dunaway, her carreer has gotten worse and worse and worse? The power of the Dunn.

  • cris says:

    The TMZ story was not originated by the producers of "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde". Hilary Duff is still slated to play Bonnie Parker. The storms on April 27th damaged 2 locations which has caused a brief delay to production.

  • Brian says:

    Page would be the best choice of the five actresses you listed. She's tiny, but she can act. Lawrence and Trachtenberg would be good too, but I can't believe that you listed Aimee Teegarden at all, much less at #1. That plain face, plain hair, and complete lack of charisma results in bombs like Prom.

  • Coral says:

    She hasn't been booted, shes still attached, atleast thats what Perez hilton is saying.

  • Larry says:

    Fuk the TV actors. Let's have some unknowns who can really act.

  • Yavor says:

    Bonnie Parker is, in my opinion, Faye Dunaway's best performance and the one she should have won the Oscar for, not Network.
    I'm 98% sure that the re-make will be a lesser film in probably all possible departments.