Breaking Dawn Marketing Extends to Baby Names

As if images of your favorite Twilight cast members running, embracing and eating breakfast weren't enough to goose your interest in the months-away release of Breaking Dawn, there's this bit of guerrilla marketing: the most popular baby names in America belong to Jacob and Bella!

The Social Security Administration released the top baby names for 2010, and for the tenth year in a row, America was on Team Jacob: the name Jacob lead the way for bounding baby boys, while Edward only ranked 136th overall (up from 137 in 2009). For girls, Isabella topped the list for the second straight year, while the singular "Bella" landed at 48 (up from 58 in 2009).

In further Twilight connections, Kellan (as in Kellan Lutz OMFG!) was one of the biggest gainers of the year, rising from 626 to 366.

Of course, it wasn't all Twilight related: the two highest trending baby names of 2010 were Maci and Bentley -- names which should be familiar to you if you watch MTV's Teen Mom. Because what better place for new parents to go for baby names than a reality show about teen moms? (In happier and related news: Bristol only ranked 562nd on the girls' list.)

The first part of Breaking Dawn arrives in theaters this November.

· Jacob, Isabella top baby names [TODAY]


  • G says:

    If I ever one of those people who has named their child Bristol, I will personally slap them.