Twentieth Century Fox Will Distribute Taken 2

Liam-Neeson_150.jpgIf Unknown wasn't enough of a Taken sequel for you, fear not! Like they did with the first film, Twentieth Century Fox will distribute the Taken sequel into theaters, having just acquired the rights from EuropaCorp. Producer Luc Besson also announced that French director Olivier Megaton will handle behind-the-camera duties on Taken 2, which will hopefully be a megaton of fun. What? [Variety]


  • The Winchester says:

    The movie should just be Liam Neeson staring at the audience for two hours, just daring them to check their iPhones.
    Because he'll know. And he will find you...
    (Barring that, Neeson should also be the guy that kills Bin Laden in the Bigelow flick. Because that just makes the most sense, and would make people see it).