Glee Concert Series Gets Limited 3-D Theatrical Run This August

Judging from the fact that the planned Glee concert movie has two exclamation points in its title, you can assume that all parties involved are pretty excited about bringing the hit Fox television show to the big screen. Glee Live! 3D! will receive a limited two-week engagement in theaters starting on Aug. 12. In 3D. Sorry... in 3D!

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen of Fame fame (and the Mortal Kombat web series, natch), the concert film will highlight performances from the Glee 2011 summer tour, which will run from May 21 through July 3. (Check the Glee Live! site to see if tickets are still available in your area.)

Most of the original cast will perform -- though stars like Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch might video in their appearances like last year -- so if you're hankering to see Lea Michele in 3D, this is the movie for you. Check out highlights from the 2010 tour below.

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[via Deadline]


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