First Tree of Life Clip Proves That Brad Pitt is Unpopular With Boys Aged 10 to 12

Fox has released the first substantial clip (as opposed to those 20 annoying three-second snippets designed to drive you insane) from Terrence Malick's anticipated summer drama The Tree of Life. More important than fancy suits, dinosaurs and beautiful cinematography that verges on the pretentious, the film appears to promise serious oedipal conflict. Watch out, Brad Pitt!

Now, I'm not a Freud scholar but three 10 to 12-year old brothers shrieking excitedly after learning that their father is out of town -- and then chasing their delicate mother (Jessica Chastain) around the house with a lizard seems a little ripe for psychoanalysis. Right? Take a look at the exclusive clip over at and let us know what you think.

The Tree of Life opens in limited release on May 27.

· 'The Tree of Life' starring Brad Pitt -- Watch an exclusive clip here! [EW]