Bradley Cooper Could Play the Devil in Paradise Lost

bradleycooper300.jpgFans may have been a bit outraged that Bradley Cooper was targeted to lead the legally-tangled remake of The Crow, but original director Alex Proyas apparently wasn't. Cooper is interested in playing Lucifer in Proyas' action-heavy and possibly 3D adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Variety reports that while no negotiations have begun, Cooper is itching to take the role, which would a fairly large step away from his preening Hangover persona. In case your recollection of Milton's 17th century poem is a bit rusty, Paradise Lost tells the story of the fall of man; Proyas' vision will apparently highlight the "epic" war between heaven and hell, and "include aerial warfare." Religious!

Legendary will co-produce and co-finance the film with Warner Bros., and the studio will likely release the film worldwide -- whenever it actually gets made.

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  • trafalgar says:

    Cooper's a better actor than his movie roles have shown so far -- he's being typecast into a persona that's pretty far from his wheelhouse. I'd love for him to get a crack at something big, juicy and ambitious.

  • Mirix says:

    I like him very much, I hope he can play this role very well