Talkback: Which Marvel Character Should Get a Spin-Off Movie Next?

Ahead of this weekend's Thor release, Marvel Films co-chief Kevin Feige revealed that his studio is considering spinning off Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johannson's comic characters Hawkeye and Black Widow for their very own motion pictures. Understanding that Marvel fans are completely in control over whether these projects will succeed at the box office (if they get that far), Movieline turns to you for this morning's Talkback.

Among the many Marvel subjects up for discussion:

· Which (if any) Marvel character would you like to see get their own spin-off next? Black Widow? Hawkeye? The already in-development Ant-Man? The maybe in-development Doctor Strange? Power Man? Iron Fist? Black Panther? She-Hulk? Maria Hill? Nick Fury?

· Do you think that a Marvel supporting character whose individual comic book was never a runaway success (like Hawkeye) could carry his own at the box office if given the right movie star and script (like Iron Man)?

· Do you think either Renner or Johansson would have as much success individually as Hugh Jackman had with Wolverine?

· Do you think there should be a limit to the amount of Marvel movies made per year so that the novelty does not wear off?

Take it away, readers! The Comic-Con floor is yours...


  • cez says:

    i believe they should make a movie for ANTMAN and the BLACK PANTHER so that if they make an AVENGERS 2 movie they can be incorporated into it and they should have the WASP in the ANTMAN movie so she can also be in the AVANGERS but BLACK WIDOW and NICK FURY should just stay as the side characters but in the AVENGERS movies they should get bigger rols

  • JeanGreyDumpedScott says:

    Certainly not the Black Widow if portrayed by Scarlett Jo H. Talk about miscasting! The Black Widow is supposed to be a seasoned professional, an equal to Tony Stark. Why couldn't Marvel find this year's Carrie Ann Moss or Linda Hamilton or Lucy Lawless?
    Scarlett lacks the grit and sophistication of the Black Widow. She's a female James Bond! I just can't see Scarlett as a bad ass. She's no Sarah Michelle Gellar either.

  • Peter Quill says:

    I would like to see Marvel try to tackle a Cosmic storyline! Hopefully The Avengers and Thor will open the door for Cosmic characters. If the Green Lantern performs well in the box office, Marvel should do the Annihilation story, and follow up with Guardians of the Galaxy as a TV show! It would be much more compelling than another Hulk rehash. Although I'm not sure who they could get to play Rocket Raccoon...

  • Skip Stills says:

    Let's review first. Two for the Hulk. I still can't tell which was the bad one that had to be redone. They both seemed about the same. Two for the Fantastic Four. I assumed I missed the beginning of the first movie where "The Archies" were going to a costume party and the LSD they took earlier made them halucinate everything. Twice. I guess maybe one movie every 10 years or so might be acceptable and they should give Howard the Duck another chance.

  • Clicker says:

    The next Marvel character to be featured in a film should be Millie the Model!

  • Ruth says:

    Gambit needs a movie--Wolverine provided us a tantalizing glimpse.

  • Darshan says:

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  • Darshan says:

    Marvel should get their hands in preparing to make a movie on two awesome superheroes of 'em...and there are DEADPOOL and GAMBIT...they should look out to make a movie on one of the character.....btw all the superheroes are awesome but these are the one who can be picked to make a movie upon also the another movie HULK...looking forward to what step they do make in making movie....marvel rocks ....:) 🙂

  • Mark Swaine says:

    A Black Panther Movie would be excellent, with Djimoun Hounsou as T' Challa. A doctor Strange Movie with Hugh Laurie as Dr Strange would also be excellent.
    In general i would love to see the Civil War comics made into a movie, this would provide solid source material for a concrete story, like back to back movie e.g. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Matrix etc
    But Peter Quill is correct, Marvel definately needs to expand their playing ground by incorperating the cosmic aspects from the original stories.
    Rise of the Silver at least attempted this, shame Galactus wasn't actually featured at any point as a figure, William Fichtner would have been excellently cast as this villain.

  • chuck says:

    I actually would kind of like to see a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie with Nick Fury, Hawkeye & Black Widow (but please kill off Scarlett Johansen and go with one of the later versions, please)
    Doctor Strange could be cool as well, but it might feel too close to that Nick Cage "Sorcerer's Apprentice" for Disney/Marvel to make it anytime soon.
    What would be awesome, however, would be an alternate universe version of Marvel . . . like Gaiman's 1602 or Marvel Zombies

  • danrydell says:

    They could've made such a cool movie with Ghost Rider, but they screwed it up.
    How about the High Evolutionary stuff with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the Inhumans? That's a pretty good saga.
    Seems like there could be some great mutant origin movies out there, dealing with teen mutants first learning they had powers and learning to deal with it.

  • jimrockford says:

    Forbush-man! 'Nuff said!

  • Serge says:

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  • KevyB says:

    They're only about a year from killing the golden goose at this point anyhow. These characters are going to be in their own movies, then have cameos in the other movies, and THEN they're all going to be in The Avengers. Only the biggest nerds need to see these people more than once a year!

  • Abu Ghraib says:

    Its pretty obvious that it should b Power-Man & Iron Fist, Tha Panther would b dope 2 but ehh's already a slap n tha face how tha black Marvel characters have weak abilities & how n X-Men 1st class went outta their way 2 put an African American character n there that I neva even heard of jus 2 kill em so, Marvel can make up 4 tha bull shid by makin these 2 kats kick azz & cum up wida ill script that's current wit tha times. Stop h8n Marvel & put sum live bruthaz & otha ethnicities up there...& don't get Tyrese 2 play Power man, that's 2 obvious...usin a recognizable face. U need sumbuddy bigger(body size wise), u can get tha kat that playd Kato n Green Hornet 2 play Iron Fist, that's ez. Look it up & hook it up....