Will Ferrell Confirms The Not-Happening Anchorman 2 Still Isn't Happening

WillFerrell_120.jpgStay classy, San Diego. Indefinitely. At a press conference promoting Everything Must Go, Will Ferrell told gathered journalists that the already nixed sequel to Anchorman was still nixed. "Anchorman 2, you really have to assert some sort of email hate campaign to Paramount Pictures," said Ferrell. "They've told us, 'We've run the numbers and it's not a good fit.'" You don't say? [CinemaBlend]


  • ILDC says:

    What's the point anyway? A lot of Will Ferrell movies could be viewed as Anchorman sequels, what with Ferrell often playing a womanizing, self-absorbed, shallow manchild. A Bad Santa sequel would have the same problem.

  • The Winchester says:

    Email campaigns: 60% of the time it works everytime.