Which Billy Joel Song Will Ed Helms Sing in The Hangover Part II?

hangover-2-soundtrack.jpgAs anyone who has seen The Office -- or The Hangover -- knows, Ed Helms has quite a decent voice. After all, you don't become a member of Here Comes Treble alongside a guy like Broccoli Rob if you can't carry a tune. (TV is not real life? That's unpossible.) With that in mind, which Billy Joel classic will Helms potentially lend his dulcet tones to during The Hangover Part II?

"Allentown"! As in, "Well we're living here in Allentown / And they're closing all the factories down." Etc., etc. The soundtrack listing for The Hangover Part II has shown up online, and in addition to that Billy Joel classic covered by Helms, the album features Joel's "The Downeaster" (sung by Joel), Kayne West's "Stronger," and songs -- once again -- from Danzig and Wolfmother. Plus, Mike Tyson sings the Murray Head song "One Night In Bangkok." For sure.

Check out the full listing below (via Amazon). The soundtrack is set for release on May 23.

1. Black Hell (Danzig)

2. Stronger (Kanye West)

3. The Downeaster (Billy Joel)

4. The Beast in Me (Mark Lanegan)

5. Sofi Needs A Ladder (Deadmau5)

6. Allentown (Ed Helms)

7. Pusher Man (Curtis Mayfield)

8. Love Train (Wolfmother)

9. I Ran (Ska Rangers)

10. One Night In Bangkok (Mike Tyson)

11. Just The Way You Are (Ska Rangers)

12. Bad Man's World (Jenny Lewis)

[Film Music Reporter via The Playlist]