Monday Morning Talkback: Let's Hear About Fast Five

After rocketing to a record-setting $83.6 million opening weekend, Fast Five has suddenly become the central jewel in Universal's unexpected crown franchise. (Apologies to MacGruber.) And while we clearly have other matters in the news to keep us occupied today, find here your refuge for the conversation you know you really want to have: What do you make of the Fast Five phenomenon?

Among the myriad topics up for discussion in today's edition of Talkback:

· The basics: What did you think of it?

· Is the series better or worse for having invited Dwayne Johnson to play along?

· Does director Justin Lin's attachment to a new Terminator film interest or frustrate you?

· Are Paul Walker and Vin Diesel doomed to reprise their roles for the rest of their natural lives?

· What should they call the franchise's sixth installment? (I'm fond of Fast, Furi6us. Actually, wait, I'm not.)

The floor is yours!


  • Missy says:

    I loved it. I've only seen parts of the first movie and none of the other F&F movies. My son persuaded me to take him to see this one and we both absolutely loved it. It was a happy surprise!

  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    Maybe the next one will be called Furious Six, go full Ocean 11 (what with the bank robbing plot).

  • Meh... says:

    I'm not afraid to say that this movie rocked! Han 4 eva!! the only thing that I would have loved even more is if the Rock would have said 'jabroney' or 'smack-down hotel' JUST once. also, why was he always sweaty??

  • Morgo says:

    Because it's hot in Rio. The filmmakers were concerned with realism and believability above all else.

  • Meh... says:

    umm....if you watched the movie it was pretty obvious that everyone else (especially Vin) was pretty dry. The Rock was sweaty--even indoors! LOL