Kevin Feige Says Avengers Out-ZOMGs Transformers 3, Might Want Michael Bay in the Marvel Family

transformersavengers300.jpgMarvel Studios head Kevin Feige admitted over the weekend to having a little Transformers envy; when you're in the business of making blockbusters, you tend to check out the competition. But a day after being impressed by the epicness on display in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer, his anxiety dissipated the moment he beheld Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in dailies from The Avengers. Said Feige: "I'm not worried anymore." Gauntlet thrown, Michael Bay!

...or maybe not. It's more of a healthy respect for Bay's knack for geek-baiting visuals and action writ large that Feige expressed to Collider while doing press for Marvel Studios' Thor:

"It is unbelievable. You look at something like that and you go, 'That is gigantic. That is huge. That is awesome. Wow. Boy, we have to equal that.'"

According to Feige, that's just what the currently-filming Avengers will do, if dailies from the first days of shooting are any indication. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury on the Helicarrier > Transformers fighting in the streets of Chicago?

"Literally an hour later I go into the dailies of The Avengers from the first few days of dailies. I saw Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in a slightly redesigned outfit with the eye patch turning around on the bridge of the Helicarrier and I went, 'Oh. That is cooler than anything else. That one shot. That one thing.' I'm not worried anymore."

Naturally, Collider's Steve Weintraub had the presence of mind to ask the next logical question: When will Feige just hire Bay to direct a Marvel movie?

Feige: "I don't know. We will see. Is he really done with Transformers?"

"Yeah. This is his last one. His schedule opens. It's something to think about. I'm just throwing that out there."

Feige: "Wow. Interesting."

All of which begs Movieline's question: Which Marvel property is epic enough for Michael Bay?

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  • BayNoMore says:

    Hey Feige, please don't hire Bay to direct our beloved Marvel characters. There is plenty of talent out there.

  • cowswithguns says:

    the question should be: Which property does Marvel care the least about to let Bay eff it up?

  • Joe says:

    Marvel does not want or need Bay.
    Joss Wheton's Avengers will be nightmarish enough, so stop faking interviews like this.

  • Patrick says:

    "Which Marvel property is epic enough for Michael Bay?"
    Feige doesn't need Bay to screw up Marvel titles, they do a good job by themselves.
    Not getting the plot of a book is one thing, ignoring the drawings is another.
    I'm sorry, i just can't take jackson's "shaftastic" version of fury seriously, just as if someone was to inform me that megatron doesn't transform into a gun.
    Oh wait...

    • Gurnam says:

      I'm really aarifd that Hulk won't be done justice in the Avengers. First I don't mind the new face, if anyone really follows comics and the Hulk, Hulk can look like a wild animal in the face. What do u all want? Clarke Gabel? It just depends on the series, artist, or graphic novel. Don't put so much hair on his head and Why age him Marvel? Hulk is Hulk. Sounds like you all want to have him use a cane, have a big gut carrying around a box of doughnuts. Why take away his muscles? 9 ft tall, really don't agree with that either. Hulk should be at least 12 ft with a massive wide-bodied muscular frame. In the comics, Hulk picks people up with one hand almost wrapped around a persons entire waist line!!!!! Although I have noticed variations with his size in the comics at times. When Hulk was in Tibet, he was massive as h!$&!. The Tibet women looked like little girls around him lol! Now that's the Hulk I know. Then when Logan came to fight him, he looked like a little boy even though Logan is little anyway. I was already upset that Pym won't be in the movie. Hulk may be a little smaller than Ed Norton Hulk? Wahh??? Are you kidding me??? I'm just so aarifd of being let down with a comic movie of epic proportions when it comes to the Hulk. If he will not be the crazy powerful massive grayish monster from the comics, then maybe don't have him in the movie at all. But hey Marvel, you have the cash and when the movie comes out, I will be there! But just my opinions.

  • Umbra says:

    Ultimate Nick Fury Pat...Ultimate Nick Fury they are following the 'drawings'

  • DQsalad says:

    funny story, the writers for ultimate avengers actually used sam jackson for the nick fury design, so it probly the most accurate actor for him, and patrick seriously would you rather hasslehoff take up the role again?

  • Patrick says:

    I'm glad to say i haven't seen Nick Fury agent of SHIELD movie (lol).
    I'm a huge comic book fan. As long as i can go back, Fury is caucasian.
    No matter what 2 very recent (and direct to dvd) cartoons say, you can't change someone's race after 40 years of history.
    Or is it just me, and nothing's sacred anymore?

  • Mia says:

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