Harry Potter/Osama Bin Laden Parallels: Too Soon?

harrypotterdeathly1_rev_thumb.jpg"For a generation of kids who grew up reading [J.K.] Rowling's books and watching Hollywood's big-screen adaptations in the shadows of 9/11, there have been inevitable echoes of the real world in Harry's sometimes reluctant quest to defeat Voldemort." I mean, maybe? I always saw a more striking link in all those years of Paula vs. Simon, but you tell me. [THR]


  • 2+2=5 says:

    I am more interested to hear Donald Tramp taking responsibility for that too.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    This reminds me of how people were always asking Tolkien if the LOTR books are about WWII. Tolkien then stated in the second edition of the books, "NO!".

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