9 Random Celebrity Twitter Reactions to Osama bin Laden's Death

arquette-whitehouse-300.jpgStars; they're just like us! They even take to Twitter during a national moment of significance to comment on major breaking news. Like the death of Osama bin Laden, which began circulating on the social networking site before being officially announced by Barack Obama on Sunday night. What were your favorite stars saying about this momentous occasion? Click ahead for a smattering of celebrity insight.

9. "People have gathered in front of the White House to celebrate the death of Bin Laden." -- David Arquette, @davidarquette

8. "Does Elton John do a bin laden version of Candle in the Wind... 'Like a giant hellish fireball in the wind...'" -- Adam McKay, @ghostpanther

7. "Tonight, President Obama will announce that Clint Eastwood shot Osama Bin Laden." -- Steve Martin, @SteveMartinToGo

6. "Need to sleep. Too excited. About Bin Ladan and the cover story of how it happened. He probably Choked on a macaroon." -- Judd Apatow, @JuddApatow

5. "This White House thing is part rally, part cheerleading convention, no?" -- Elizabeth Banks, @ElizabethBanks

4. "Wow! They killed the Boogieman! I felt something was in the air tonight! Bin Laden era over! S'next? ?;^•" -- Jim Carrey, @JimCarrey

3. "Wow." -- Jon Favreau, @Jon_Favreau

2. "Osama Bin Laden will never know who wins #thevoice. To [sic] bad asshole." -- Carson Daly, @carsonjdaly

1. "Go USA!" -- Lindsay Lohan, @lindsaylohan


  • The Winchester says:

    America! Fuck Yeah!
    (Did the South Park guys have that as their Twitter statements? I don't know, I'm too cynical to figure out how that thing works).

  • 48:2(9+3)=? says:

    You probably mean "We got him!"

  • Dennis says:

    I find it tasteless that people should cheer over someone's death, no matter what that person did.

  • jerebo says:

    Party pooper!

  • Adam says:

    Hip hip hooray!

  • Holley says:

    As Rush Limbaugh said, "Thank God for Barack Obama"! How great it is to finally have a competent president! Bush left massive deficits, unemployment, a huge recession, two wars, and Bin Laden on the loose. One by one, Obama is cleaning up his mess.

  • he`sgone says:

    Wow..all the bleeding heart lib`s celebrating a bleeding head...wonders never cease