Virtual Newsstand:, April 2011

Every month at Movieline, we collect the best interviews, smartest features, and most compelling reviews we've produced, and curate them in one easy-to-use table of contents called the Virtual Newsstand, which pays tribute to our print magazine history. Here's the Virtual Newsstand for April 2011.

April 2011


God of Summer
Chris Hemsworth breaks through in a big way with the blockbuster Thor

Power Duo
Hilary Swank and Molly Smith on producing Something Borrowed and the power of a good chick flick

Great Scot
James McAvoy talks The Conspirator -- and the trick to a good American accent

He and Sympathy
It only took a decade, but Mark Ruffalo has his directing debut under his belt with Sympathy For Delicious

<a href="

">Captain in Waiting

A funny thing happened to Chris Evans on the way to Captain America -- and we discussed it at Tribeca

Killer Talent
Hanna star Saoirse Ronan shares her tips for becoming a teenage assassin

Brody to the Max
Adrien Brody gets personal about his Tribeca premiere Detachment

Taylor Made
Taylor Kitsch on doing justice to fallen photojournalists in The Bang Bang Club

Vera Cool
The busy Vera Farmiga takes time out to chat Henry's Crime, Source Code, and the perils of awards season

Forgotten Dreamer
Werner Herzog adds 3-D to his formidable filmmaking arsenal in his latest documentary

Next of Kim
Kim Cattrall catches us up about her porn-star role in Meet Monica Velour and her Sex and the City future

The Quaid Files
Dennis Quaid talks Soul Surfer and about that time he turned down Tombstone

Super Future
Henry Cavill is training -- and geeking out -- over the thought of donning Superman's cape

Do It Herself
Friday Night Lights alumna Aimee Teegarden on her future as a producer and going to Prom with Disney

Wild and Crazy Guys
Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa on Crazy, Stupid, Love, your antidote to the summer blockbuster

Super is as Super Was
Superman Returns comrades Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington reteam for the supernatural gumshoe tale Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Hung Over and Loving It
Todd Phillips offers the lowdown on the sequel to his blockbuster comedy The Hangover

Cost Plus
A few words with Zach Braff about his gritty High Cost of Living and the directing project that got away

Go Wes
Wes Craven may be exhausted from Scream 4, but can that keep him from Scream 5?

The Wright Stuff
Hanna director Joe Wright has just the thing to counteract all those "gun-loving Republican bullshit action films"

His Highness
Talking minotaur genitalia, '80s influences, and much more with Your Highness director David Gordon Green

Man, Oh Man
Ceremony star Michael Angarano on growing up at the movies and his trip to Kevin Smith's Red State

His Way
5 failsafe producing tips from Hollywood legend Jerry Weintraub

Barbara Tells All
Barbara Hershey fills us in on Insidious and a few secrets from behind the scenes of Black Swan


Zeina Durra

Dustin Ingram

Thomas McDonell

Katie O'Grady


The Beaver Speaks
An Exclusive Conversation With Mel Gibson's Most Controversial Co-Star Yet

Mourning the Teacher
5 Essential Lessons from the Career of the Late Sidney Lumet

Oh God, You Devils
Losing My Religion: Four New Movies That Could Tick Off The Faithful

Scream For a Day
The Great Scream Liveblog Experiment

Tyler Perry's Big Hollywood Beef
Madea's Tyler Perry Blasts Spike Lee: 'Spike Can Go Straight to Hell!'

The Hunger Casting Games
Who Should Play Haymitch in The Hunger Games?

On Demand?
Does Anyone Actually Think You'll Pay $30 for Just Go With It?

In the Black
How Kevin Smith's Red State Has Already Earned Back Its Budget

Back to the Future
9 '80s Comedies That Should Get the Remake Treatment

Surveying the Swashbucklers
Where Does Jack Sparrow Rank Among the Greatest Movie Pirates?

Reese's Range
9 Milestones in the Evolution of Reese Witherspoon

Number Two, So He Tries Harder
Jeremy Renner Wasn't Really Anyone's First Pick For New Bourne Series

Ghostface Killah
So, What Was Up With The Ending To Scream 4?

Album of the Years
5 Pop Albums of the Past Decade That Should be Adapted Into Films

I Oughta Be in Songs
Ranking 9 Movies That Borrow Their Titles from Songs

Scary Gary
A Brief History of Gary Busey's Crazy Interviews

Why Keep it Straight?
Romance Tips From I Love You Phillip Morris and Other A-List Gay Film Couples

Underdogs With Bite
The Conspirator and Atlas Shrugged Get Political in Their Hunts For Box-Office Respect

The King's Fleece
Is James Cameron a 3-D Prophet or Just Another Hollywood Huckster?

Date Night Done Right
The 9 Most Promising Date Movies of the Summer

Sleeps, Lands a Plane
Air Traffic Controller Busted for Watching Samuel L. Jackson Movie You Never Heard Of


So Bad They're Great
Ranking the Villains of Summer in Order of Awesomeness

10 Performances That Just Might Surprise You This Summer

The Crystal Ball That Laughed
Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Survey the Summer Movie Scene With Movieline

We're Going to Need a Bigger Summer
10 Movies That Still Capture the Essence of Summer

Prove It
The 5 Actors With the Most to Prove This Summer

Look Back in Summer
Movieline's Staff Recalls its Favorite Summer Filmgoing Memories


Bob Almighty
Robert De Niro on Reuniting With Scorsese and the GOP's "Big Hustle"

Union Guys
Elton John, Cameron Crowe Get 10th Annual Fest Off to a Rocking Start

The Fellas
Alec Baldwin and Doug Liman Discuss Stealth Directing and the Problem With Studios

Hell to Pay
Alex Gibney Talks Catching Hell, Steve Bartman and Sports Scapegoating

Tony Kaye , World's Greatest Showman, Storms Tribeca With His New Film Detachment


Say a Little Prayer
Paul Bettany Promises 3-D Conversion Done Well in Oft-Delayed Priest

Ab-solute Gentlemen
Henry Cavill and Luke Evans on the Blood, Sweat and Skipped Meals That Went Into Those Immortals Abs

What's His Deal?
Is Immortals Helmer Tarsem Singh the Honey Badger of Directors? Movieline Investigates

A Lively Story
9 Revelations From the Green Lantern Panel

Cam You Dig It?
Cam Gigandet Talks Priest, Being a Screen Gems Star, and Joel Schumacher's Trespass

The Lo-Down
Logan Lerman Three Musketeers and What He Knows About Percy Jackson 2 (Hint: Nothing)


13 Assassins

African Cats



The Bang Bang Club

Blank City

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The Conspirator

The Double Hour

Fast Five


Henry's Crime

Madea's Big Happy Family

Meek's Cutoff

POM Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold



Scream 4

Soul Surfer


Water For Elephants

Your Highness


Cruel Intentions

The Fast and the Furious

I Know What You Did Last Summer

The Room

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