The New Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Poster, Now with More Topless Mermaid

Ariel who? Kicking their Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides marketing campaign up a notch, Disney has released a brand new character poster featuring newbie lovers Philip Swift (Sam Claflin) and the mermaid Syrena (Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey) -- excuse me, the topless mermaid Syrena. Ingenious marketing execs, consider the male teen demographic covered!


Everybody now, "Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the suuuuun..."


  • casting couch says:

    A strangely un-erotic poster. At least there's no mermaid crack.

  • Anonymous says:

    REALLY????? Do they think they need to exploit to an audience that is already there? Young male teens. Does the term YOUNG and EXPLOIT not give red flags to anyone about morals in Hollywood? Just saying....

  • Louis says:

    Wait a second! If mermaids are actually like fish from the waist down, it means the girl actually doesn't have legs to wrap around the guy, as is seen in the poster. As it is shown, it's just like a regular woman with scales on her feet, each of which is on one side of the guy. But that can not be a mermaid...

  • emily says:

    Oh my god. A woman's back. A WOMAN'S BACK. I can see a bare shoulderblade. I think I can make out where her spine is. Keep this poster away from all teenage boys. We must. Protect. The children.