Jim Sturgess, Anne Hathaway, and Her British Accent Star in the Lit Romance One Day

oneday300.jpgHaving enjoyed the work of Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, and An Education director Lone Scherfig, I'd been optimistically looking forward to the lit adaptation One Day. (Just look at this sexy, lip-parting smooch -- best movie poster kiss ever?) But as the first trailer for the decades-spanning romance reveals, there's another co-star angling for attention in the August release: Anne Hathaway's distracting British accent. Watch the trailer and see what I mean after the jump.

The film follows graduating college classmates Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) over the course of two decades. They meet, one day a year, as their lives go in different directions: She goes from dead end waitress to successful novelist, he becomes a TV presenter and crashes and burns. Along the way, they (of course!) fall in love.

The trailer reveals as much, following the trajectory of their lives in standard romantic movie trailer fashion. Will they end up together? You know they will. Will it take false starts and mess-ups and arguments and failed relationships and career ups and downs for these crazy kids to realize they belong together? I think you know the answer to that question, too.

So what's left to discover here? About a dozen awful to hilarious to cute period hairdos, costumes, and details -- Scherfig enlisted An Education designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux to nail the specific '80s, '90s and '00 outfits and hired production designer Mark Tildesley, who brought retro England to life in Pirate Radio and 24 Hour Party People. And is there anything more adorable than Jim Sturgess looking like an early '90s dreamboat? Or Jim Sturgess making desperate late night pay phone calls to the woman he doesn't yet know he can't live without? Or Jim Sturgess doing... anything, really?

Verdict: If Jim Sturgess can survive Hathaway's faux-British deliveries ("When wee weh at Un-ee-vuh-sity") so can I.


  • Usherette says:

    Not one but TWO unnecessarily horrible American interpretations of British accents. What, is there a "House" cultural exchange program or something?

  • Anon says:

    Are you referring to Jim Sturgess, who was born and raised in England? I hear his British accent is pretty solid. Being that it's authentic.

  • Strawberry Pain says:

    Am I being unfair with the proposition that any movie in which the female lead alerts her male love interest that she's "not a consolation prize" is plagiarizing When Harry Met Sally?

  • Olaf says:

    Both accents are perfect. Sturgess is a brit so there is no room for debate there.
    Hathaway's is wonderful and precisely what someone from that part of england sounds like. I am from Leeds -- I should know
    I love these American's who compare british accents to the one's they see in the movies. Attempt traveling a bit and then comment when you speak from a place of knowledge

  • James says:

    Nope, she's referring to Patricia Clarkson's dreadful London-via-Nawlins accent.

  • Autumn says:

    Aren’t you forgeting someone? Where’s Lucas? The amount of footage he put up this year wasn’t enough???

  • Morgan says:

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