Get to Know Your Dueling Linda Lovelace Film Projects

Asteroids, ants, volcanoes, Truman Capote, screw buddies. Often times, high-concept Hollywood ideas come in pairs. Which is why it should come as little surprise that there are two Linda Lovelace biopics in the works, though whether either will hit theaters is certainly up for debate. Ahead, a brief guide to help you tell these in-development films apart.


Cast: The Google-prone Malin Akerman as Lovelace (previously Lindsay Lohan)

Director: Matthew Wilder

What's the story?: The much-publicized (thanks to Lohan) Inferno actually doesn't even have financing yet. Not that Wilder is concerned. He wrote in an email to the Los Angeles Times that "he and the film's producers are making a deal with Louisiana-based investors that they hope to have closed soon." If that happens, the next step is further casting -- specifically, the role of Lovelace's abusive ex-husband, Chuck Traynor.

Will it happen?: Maybe. Wilder has put too much effort in Inferno for it not to happen. Plus, the film has enjoyed over a year of free press before it has even started significantly filming. You can't buy that kind of publicity!


Cast: Kate Hudson and James Franco are both rumored.

Directors: Jeffrey Friedman and Robert Epstein (Howl)

What's the story?: Like Inferno, Lovelace isn't a sure thing. "I'm pretty optimistic about [the fate of the project] today," co-director Friedman told the Los Angeles Times, "but that does change by the day." If it goes into production, however, expect Lovelace to focus more on how the famous porn star helped birth what we now consider "celebrity culture." Hudson was offered the role of Lovelace (something Friedman did not confirm was official), but considering she's currently pregnant and Lovelace is looking at a summer start-date, don't hold your breath waiting for her deal to be signed. As for Traynor, the ubiquitous Franco was in discussions back in January, and it would allow him to re-team with his Howl directors.

Will it happen?: Probably. Howl was a moderate indie success, and if Franco does come aboard, he immediately brings a legitimacy to the project. Sorry, Inferno; in the race to theaters, Lovelace might come first. (Not a euphemism.)

· A Linda Lovelace Movie (or Two) Fights On [LAT/24 Frames]


  • Remember in the 90s how there were endless stories about "dueling" Janis Joplin biopics? And remember how none of them ended up getting made?
    So, yeah, this sounds a lot like that.

  • mugczar says:

    And don't forget be-mustachioed middle- to long-distance runner biopics!

  • Luke Gahl says:

    I still cannot believe that this has happened. So many awful things happening on this planet nowadays. My prayers are with all of the people who have lost someone in this tragedy.