Summit Sets Ender's Game with Director Gavin Hood - Let the Fantasy Casting Begin!

endersgame300.jpgBig news for fans of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series: Summit is reportedly co-financing and distributing a live-action adaptation, to be written and directed by Wolverine helmer Gavin Hood. Card's 1985 novel, based on his own short story, sets up a futuristic Earth in which youngsters are trained in war games to battle enemy aliens; it spawned five sequels and an entire spin-off saga, which means one thing: It's time to get your casting hats on!

OK, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Casting the entire saga right now would be crazy talk! Let's start with the Big One: brilliant young child prodigy Ender Wiggin, the kid at the center of it all.

For inspiration, may I point to the young kids from Super 8? Or, depending on how long it takes Hood to pull production together (Deadline reports that he's working on a presentation for Cannes), that talking E*Trade baby? What a talent. With a franchise like this it's safe to guess that Summit might search for an unknown talent to fill the role, but have at it in the comments below!

· Franchise-Hungry Summit Plays 'Ender's Game' With Filmmaker Gavin Hood [Deadline]


  • Bryan says:

    Freddie Highmore perfect cast

  • Or may I suggest 'the last star fighter' 1984? It seems that all the original movies based on a kid learning how to fight aliens (on video games) lacked was decent cgi or computing power. With all of that coming of age, now all we lack is a good story. Though I should also reference stargate universe who has one of the main characters being selected ... because he was good at a video game/ puzzle test.
    its hard to be original in 2011

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Have you seen Freddie Highmore lately? He's like 19! Maybe 10 years ago Freddie Highmore...

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