Can You Handle a New Captain America Suit?

Chris Evans, an affable fellow who I believe will do just fine in The First Avenger movie, says that his Captain America suit is getting an overhaul. It won't be quite the red, white, and blue getup we've seen in the previews. Well, pray tell, Evans, what will it be?

In a video at, Evans explains the evolution of his avenging outfit.

Hmm. So the new costume is "easier to move in." There's only one thing it could be: a patriotic re-rendering of Sister Aloysius's habit and tunic from Doubt. Time to save the world and question Father Brendan's intentions, Chris.

Captain America will get a new costume, says Chris Evans [MTV]


  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    Captain America just went "Aww" like little girls when they see old people do something cute.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Just as long as the new uni isn't UN baby blue, because then I'll never hear the end of it from the Tea Party dude neighbor of mine. First Superman, then this?