VIDEO: Anna Faris Leads All-Star Cast in International Trailer for What's Your Number?

The "Let's Make Anna Faris Into a Huge Star" campaign has seemingly been going on forever, so logic would dictate that one of these years it will succeed. Perhaps 2011 is that year. Following on the heels of a thoughtful feature on Faris in The New Yorker comes the debut of the very funny international trailer for What's Your Number?, the fall rom-com where Faris co-stars with a cavalcade of up and coming male stars. Click ahead to watch.

In case you missed that roster of leading men, here you go: Zachary Quinto, Chris Evans, Andy Samberg, Martin Freeman (!), Faris' real-life husband Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie (!!), Joel McHale and Thomas Lennon. Oh, and not a male, but that was Ari Graynor (!!!), too.

What's Your Number? is due in theaters on Sept. 30.


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