Hunger Games Update: John C. Reilly Has Not Been Offered Haymitch Role; Casting Still Open

johncreilly300.jpgAfter tossing around a few casting ideas of our own for the juicy role of Haymitch in The Hunger Games, Vulture reported that John C. Reilly had been offered the part of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's drunken mentor. The only problem (aside from Reilly's look -- which fans argue may not be right for Haymitch) is that according to Reilly's rep, the Oscar nominee was never offered the role.

According to a statement from Reilly's rep, "John does not have an offer. NY Mag never fact checked with anyone."

Of course, that does not mean that the actor is not close to securing an offer. Reilly was reportedly in discussions to join James Franco (and possibly Hilary Swank) in Sam Raimi's Oz, the Great and the Powerful before dropping out for The Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins' big-screen adaptation has already secured Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Willow Shields and, after a casting update today, unknowns Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott as District 3 tributes.

Are you still hoping that Reilly lands the role of the only surviving District 12-er to win the Hunger Games? Or are you crossing fingers in hopes that Robert Downey, Jr. or Hugh Laurie land the charming Haymitch character?



  • A. says:

    I really hope John C. Reilly gets the part because he's a wonderful actor and, yes, is perfect for the role. RDJ was never an option due to the fact that he's shooting The Avengers (shooting began today in fact) and he's pretty expensive...usually 20-25 million a role. Hugh Laurie's reps ALREADY informed The Hob that Laurie was not available. I also don't see how you would think Reilly's look is wrong ...Haymitch is not supposed to be pretty folks, years of alcoholism will do that to a person...I don't care how much of a hottie he was in his day, he definetly should not look like a matinee idol.

  • Meg says:

    Reilly's look is all wrong for the part. It has nothing to do with him being unnattractive. It has to do with the fact that I don't see Reilly as a skinny strung out gaunt looking man. Reilly's face is too round and is opposite of my mental image of haymitch. I think Hugh Laurie or Billy Bob Thorton have the look of haymitch. And Billy bob isn't my pick because he's gorgeous...

  • Al says:

    John C. Reilly would be magnificent. He's a real chameleon and he has done so many different characters through the years. He was a vampire in Cirques du Freak and so he would work with Josh Hutcherson. I really hope it happens!

  • jsty says:

    I think Reilly would be awesome. Although, I thought of someone else who'd be PERFECT for that role. Mel Gibson. He was good looking when he was younger, but due to hard events and some alcohol and possibly drugs (who knows, really) the guy looks terrible now. He's become so disliked as well that hardly anyone wants to work with him. People may hate the idea and that I even suggested it, but I think he'd be perfect.

  • Hannah says:

    Mel Gibson is a brilliant pick. Thank God it won't be Reilly, who is all wrong physically for the part. This part requires someone with the looks of an aging matinee idol.

  • Hannah says:

    But he SHOULD look like he was once a matinee idol, which is why Reilly was such a big fail and fans kicked up a fuss about it.

  • Lucas says:

    20 million might be Robert's quote but it isn't firm. many actors will work under quote for a project they really want to be part of. Generally they get a low level producer credit and a cut of the profits to make up the difference. But sometimes if they are as rich as Robert they turn that down as well.

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