DreamWorks Plans to Market Kung Fu Panda 2 to Kids with... Tofu

kungfupandatofu300.jpgMark one in the "WTF" column in the annals of random movie marketing ideas. In addition to McDonalds, candy, toy, and video game tie ins, the animated sequel Kung Fu Panda 2 will also team up with House Foods America to package 8 million units of tofu with the image of series hero Po, the rotund martial arts-practicing panda voiced by Jack Black.

According to a press release issued jointly by House Foods America and DreamWorks Animation, the co-branding deal makes sense on multiple levels. First, tofu is delicious! Since a love for food is one of Po's dominant character traits, he might as well endorse healthy eating. Second, the Kung Fu Panda franchise was created from cultural influences that originated in the East. Just like tofu! Thirdly, in the film Po's father is a restaurateur. Guess which brand of tofu Mr. Ping serves exclusively in his modest noodle shop in ancient China? (Just kidding. That last part can't be verified.)

"By positioning tofu as a nutritious, powerful food that keeps warriors such as Po and

the Furious Five kung fu ready for any adventure that comes their way, we hope families and kids nationwide discover tofu's potential as a superfood," said House Foods America marketing supervisor Yoko Difrancia in the press release.

The question is, will America's uninitiated youngsters accept the wonders (and bland, squishy delights) of tofu over, say, the Happy Meal that comes with a collectible Kung Fu Panda 2 action figure?




  • Martini Shark says:

    I don't want to sound cynical here, but what exactly qualifies a foodstuff as a "superfood"? I still have not grasped where the demarcation point is between a "super-model" and a snotty chain-smoker who is throwing up in the bathroom.

  • ILDC says:

    I think it's supposed to be something Po would say.

  • Mitch says:

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