Has James Franco Enrolled in Another School?

franco-houston-300.jpgA rolling James Franco gathers no moss. Fresh off being cast opposite Winona Ryder in The Stare comes word that the failed Oscar host has potentially enrolled at the University of Houston. Because he just doesn't do enough.

Houston Press (via Burn Down Blog) notes that in the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program newsletter, a "James Franco" with a similar resume to James Franco is listed under the incoming students. (Photo at the right.)

All of this, of course, doesn't mean he's taking that big and busy brain to Houston. Someone tied to the Creative Writing Program allegedly cited on Facebook that Franco likely applied to (and was accepted by) a few schools -- though that post has apparently been taken down. Plot, meet thickens.

Is all of this some hoax? Will Franco head to Houston? Leave your best guesses in the comments below.

James Franco Enrolling in UH's Creative Writing Program? [Houston Press]


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