TRAILER: Emma Roberts is a Muse in The Art of Getting By

The Sundance hit Homework, the Emma Roberts/Freddie Highmore film that Fox Searchlight snatched up the day of its premiere, is now retitled The Art of Getting By. Is the trailer worth analyzing? Ish. But you know what deserves more scrutiny? The fact that these stars look 11 and 8 respectively.

Look at Freddie Highmore in this trailer. Is Jorma Taccone his grandfather? When he wears that oversize trench coat, he looks like "grownup" Tommy Pickles in one of those dream sequence episodes of Rugrats. Wikipedia claims he was born in 1992, but I believe Hollywood simply conceived idea of Freddie Highmore then, and plan to evolve him from the fetal stage in early 2013.

Emma Roberts appears as likable and inoffensive as ever. Is there a 20-year-old with a more perfect set of chompers? Her teeth make me nervous. They're immaculately contoured. The molars, canines, and incisors form a perfect hyperbola. They're the Chris Daughtry sideburns of teeth. They can be invaluable tools in a Pre-Calculus class. Anyway, the movie looks OK.

Verdict: Too much elementary school youth and high school math on those faces.


  • J'accuse! says:

    So I was just reminded by a bro that it's 4/20 today, then I looked down on my device and read a story about somebody named "High More", and I laughed.

  • Bruce_F says:

    Louis, let's not bag on the young'uns simply because of their age.
    The past two generations of pop culture enthusiasts have been raised on high school film and television dramas where the boys have receding hairlines and five o'clock shadows and the girls always seem to be inexplicably hitting their dirty thirties by age 18.
    It's always a bit jarring to see teen dramas with people who either are or at least look like teens.

  • Annnnd... now I'm laughing.

  • Time is so precious and we cannot afford to waste it. Reminds of a comment a friend recently made “it’s not how much time you put into something, it the energy you put into the time spent.” Really do it or don’t bother, right

  • j'accuse! says:

    Was that a reference to my 4/20 comment? If so, well played, Sir. Well played indeed.

  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    Oh, the angst!

  • Morgo says:

    grown up tommy pickles! Well spotted, its hilarious

  • darci says:

    I'm really excited for this film. I love Emma Roberts, and it looks like she plays a great character...hope it lives up to the trailer.
    Also, this trailer had so much good music! Can anybody help me ID the song that's playing when they're dancing? I loved it. The only song I already knew was "Trial of the Century" by French Kicks, which plays over the second half of the trailer, but all the other songs were really cool....I'll probably end up buying this soundtrack.

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