JK Rowling Reveals How Harry Potter Screenwriter Steve Kloves Set Her At Ease

rowling-300.jpgAs you may recall, it's unofficially Harry Potter Week at Movieline, and in the latest installment of this apparent celebration, author JK Rowling reveals how her initial apprehension at handing screenwriter Steve Kloves the proverbial keys to her kingdom in the lead up to the adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was washed away with one simple word.

Writing in the April/May issue of Written By, the Writers Guild magazine, Rowling recalls her first meeting with Kloves, some thirteen years ago in Los Angeles.

Steve turned to me while food was being ordered and said quietly, "You know who my favorite character is?" I looked at him, red hair included, and thought: You're going to say Ron. Please, please don't say Ron -- Ron's so easy to love!. And he said: "Hermione." At which point, under my standoffish, mistrusting exterior, I just melted. Because if he got Hermione, he got the books. He also, to a large extent, got me.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Rowling goes on to reveal how close she and Kloves have gotten during the process, and how he was a "compassionate surgeon" when plot-points had to be excised for theatrical adaptation. As for Kloves, in a separate interview in Written By, the Deathly Hallows screenwriter says that people are going to be "surprised" with the final film. "It's pretty amazing." Excited yet?

· When Steve Met Jo: 'Harry Potter's' Creator Remembers Her Collaboration with Steve Kloves [Written By via WGA]


  • Jamie Noir says:

    Smooth move Kloves. Smooth, really, really transparent move.

  • Jennie F says:

    That goes a long way in explaining Film Hermione, who is quite an exaggeration of her literary counterpart. It also explains why several of "easy to love Ron's" lines have been given to Hermione.
    ...........and, I'm gonna crawl back to my nerd hole now.

  • sean says:

    I think the movies are good, not great. The books are more than great, freaking amazing. Every time I see a movie I get angry. This guy has changed so much! SPEW

  • hyades says:

    Who believes this nonsense?

  • M says:

    lol this is a Joke. I agree with JENNIE F.

  • Sarah says:

    What a load of...bologna. He ruined the movies!
    I don't understand why J.K. Rowling seems to have no problems with the movies. If I wrote a book and someone turned it into a terrible movie, I'd be pissed!

  • Laura Lee says:

    The movies were incredible, and that is why they made so much money. J.K. Rowling made the right decision by giving Steve the keys to her sanctuary. Some people are so emotionally invested in the books, that they can't see the beauty or genius of the films. But lets keep one thing in mind, those so-called-bad movies went on to make seven films not 2, not three, or four but seven. That in it's self is not only unique but unheard of. How many other movies have lasted so long (over 1o) years with each film grossing over 100 mil, and getting a 3-4 star rating? no other, not even twilight which grosses over 100 mil, but isn't considered to be of critical acclaim. Plus, Harry Potter has not only been nominated for various film awards, but have also won. J.K. Rowling, Steve, the actors, and the film studio have already won, ten years and counting! Take that traitors!