Is J.J. Abrams' Interactive Super 8 Promo the Marketing Tool of the Future?

J.J. Abrams has already released a derailed cargo train's worth of trailers for his sci-fi collaboration with Steven Spielberg. First came the explosion-riffic Super Bowl teaser, then came the phenomenal full length trailer and, most recently, Abrams unveiled a TV spot which introduced a mysteriously scarred biology teacher. To further amp up the anticipation quotient for one of summer's most eagerly awaited thrillers, Abrams is now offering video gamers an interactive Super 8 experience.

On Monday, Valve Software released the first-person video game Portal 2, which contains a small bonus level inspired by Super 8. Players can search the the train crash wreckage for small clues about the film and briefly encounter the "something inhuman" that escapes the destruction. If you don't have Portal 2, enjoy the following video of someone else playing the Super 8 level which is as exciting as, well, watching someone else play video games.

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